Started in 2002 by Johnny and Tyler they envisioned a fun place for dogs to play and get cleaned up and build a loving community of dog loving friends.  They built a great dog bathing and grooming business over the next years. Then began branching out into the dog walking and the dog boarding business as their close clients wanted to extend their relationships and trust.  The business grew and changed over the following years to become a business that could take care of all a busy dog owner in SF could need.  Separating as they went their different ways Johnny runs WAGS full time while Tyler has gone and created an amazing real estate business.  If anyone is looking to buy or sell real estate in the bay area she is the best and you should call her immediately at Sothebeys on Union Street in SF.  

Johnny now lives in Marin, in Novato, where he and Jeff run the WAGS dog boarding.  It is a 2 acre ranch where all the dogs can run off leash and enjoy a large field with oak trees and play to their hearts content.   With open space around it and amazing views right from the field the dogs are literally spoiled more than most of us are on vacation.  It is possibly the best and most unique dog “camp” around.

The most important part of the business is the sense of community and team that is shown by both the WAGS team members and our amazing clients that we have become so close to over the years!  For this great WAGS community we are forever thankful!

I think the motto that we have used most through the years is…..    “If we have fun..  They have fun.  And.  If they have fun we have fun....”   This is something that shows if you take a minute to swing by the shop in SF and look in the window one day or keep an eye out for postings of dogs having fun out on a walk or up at the ranch.