Dog Walking 

Shortly after we started the shop on Polk Str we had clients asking us if we could take their dogs out on a walk with us and our dogs during the days.  Within a few years we had multiple dog groups going out to the parks and getting run around and exercise during the days so our clients could come home to a tired pup and feel good about heading off to work in the morning.  We now run two different vans around the city during the days walking dogs.

We started out going to various parks all over the city and over the years have come to spend most of our time out in a wonderful fenced in dog park out in Golden Gate Park.  Over the past 12 years we have developed great relationships with all the other dog walkers in the park and have loved the sense of community and functionality of the park.  Some of our older dogs can enjoy a bathroom break and relax in the sun.  Our younger dogs can enjoy off leash play and get the well needed exercise and social interaction they need as dogs and can go home tired after a day of wrestling and chasing balls.  As we do with the boarding we interview and meet all our dogs to make sure they will work with the groups.  There is no doubt that we have the best dogs in the city and over the years the dogs have all become best friends.  It is so cute to watch!  We have had many clients of ours meet over the years by their dogs wanting to play together while they are out on a Sunday leading to a conversation of who they use for walking and finding out their dogs are in the same group!!   Those are the stories that make WAGS such a wonderful community to be part of. 

Check out the pics and don’t hesitate to call Johnny or the team to ask any questions you might have about our our walking experiences!  We look forward to meeting you and your pup soon!!!!

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Done on a per walk basis.  We have found peoples schedule changes and there are needs to change and modify schedules as each month moves on.  For this reason we do not offer package pricing but we just track what you use and only bill you for the walks or services you use.  

WAGS is one of the only companies in the area that can offer walking, grooming and bathing, and boarding all in one stop!!  This is what makes working with WAGS for all your dogs needs so seamless and easy!

Dog walking Pricing:
$25 / walk for am or pm walks
$50 for a full day including 2 park walks and a break in the middle to nap and rest up for the next round!

Minimum of 3 days per week required to help build the continuity in the group and enable to the dogs to develop great friendships!  This makes their experience much better and a sense of routine is loved by all dogs!

Call us to find out if we cover your area of town!!!   

Can’t wait to meet you and your pup to see if you are fit for our groups!
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