Boarding for San Francisco & Marin (based in Novato)

A 2 acre ranch completely fenced in where dogs can roam and play as they wish.  With only dogs that get along and have been interviewed by our team.  

WAGS offers the best boarding in the bay area.  Owning and living at a 2 acre ranch in the northern part of Marin WAGS offers the most unique boarding for dogs that love to play or need special attention.  We interview every dog that comes to the ranch to make sure they are friendly and fun and can enjoy being off leash and playing with dogs of all sizes and ages.  From Yorkies to Great Danes they need to get along. Dogs that bark a lot are probably not a good fit as we do have neighbors we try and respect. We are able to customize meals, schedules, play routines to your dogs needs.  There are two inside dog play rooms where dogs sleep at night and they can pick their crate with a bed. All bedding and crates are provided.  They do sleep in crates at night (from roughly 10p - 7a).

We are usually up between 7-8a and out for a bit to play around then brought back in for breakfast service. Then they are rotated in and out depending on the weather and the dogs needs.  They are together and playing as much as possible throughout the day.  Dinner is around 6p daily. The dogs are kept either inside or outside but out of crates until bed time around 10p. Our motto is a tired dog is a good dog.  There is no other facility like this in the Bay Area.  Biggest thing is that they all get along.  We keep it a fun crew and only work with the dogs we love having up at the ranch.   Come by WAGS on Polk Str to see if your dog will work up at the ranch.  

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Everything is included in our pricing.  There is no extra charge for walks, for runs, or playtime.  The dogs are out together as much as possible.  We can accommodate special needs for meds or activity levels if need for no extra charge.

Pricing is based on the calendar day.  Each calendar day will have either a half day or full day charge with the dividing line being 12:00pm each day.  Half day rates are $50, and Full day rates are $75.

Holidays periods are an extra $10/day or half day and are usually for the whole holiday period not just the day of.


  • Drop your dog off at 3:50pm on Monday = $50 half day

  • Tuesday boarding all day = $75 full day

  • Wednesday boarding all day = $75 full day

  • Thursday boarding all day = $75 full day

  • Pick up at 11:15am on Friday = $50 half day

  • (if pick up after noon on last day it counts as a full day)

  • Total boarding cost = $325 ( 2 half days and 3 full days)


  • Fun loving dogs that love and are able to play with all other dogs

  • Have all their shots up to date

Feeding is done in crates to allow all dogs to have their time needed for eating (Some dogs finish in 30 seconds and some nibble for 30 minutes.  They have as much time as they need.)

This is ranch living and the outdoors.  Because we are completely fenced in we have not seen many ticks or fleas in years.  That being said it is the outdoors and dogs are dogs.  This is ranch and field boarding so it is for the dog owner who wants their dog to have a unique experience and be outside playing with other dogs and having fun with our team.  There is always a water trough with fresh and clean water available and since the dogs are out as much as possible bathroom breaks are not an issue.  


Check out the pics and don’t hesitate to call Johnny or the team to ask any questions you might have about our boarding!  We look forward to meeting you and your pup soon!!!!

Call or email anytime!


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